ABIS Hospitality, Where Memories Get Imprinted Forever! (ABIS Chicken Delight, ABIS Greens & ABIS Suites and Apartments)

As each day passes by and turns itself into memories, we add a new page of experience, thoughts, aspirations, dreams, likes-dislikes, and what not, to a book called life. So, one has to live life to the fullest. Pacing with the modern time: –

Traveling, eating and social media post is the new trend and people are following it passionately. So, if you’re an ardent traveler who loves to explore and if you happen to be in Chhattisgarh, you must visit Rajnandgaon. There’s something extremely charming about this place. Imagine strolling down alleyways, eating authentic Chhattisgarhi cuisine, and traveling to the local market, Kharkhara Dam, Khara reserve forest, Maa Bamleshwari Temple, Mangata Wildlife Park, and many more things that add beauty to this place. There’s something old-school type of nostalgia you might feel about this city that brings serendipity to one’s soul and has a long-lasting impact. You can travel to this magnificent city by road or railways and enjoy your delightful stay hosted by ABIS group which is the best in the hospitality sector offering you world-class facilities at affordable prices.

Inspirational Beings and their commitment

Renowned for pioneering intent to revive Chhattisgarhi culinary traditions and for using food to promote cultural and social development in local and rural communities, the IB group is recognized as a family of philanthropies who has earned the respect of peers for their inspirational work and leadership in the industrial and hospitality sector.

Ali family of Rajnandgaon is celebrated for their commitment towards the community, from campaigning for healthy meals for every individual and inclusive gastronomy, to mobilizing industry leaders around covid-19 relief efforts and helping vulnerable communities during the pandemic.

Thanks to their ever-growing commitment towards sustainability and boosting local employment, they decided to venture into the hospitality sector. The idea was to give their guest a world-class experience with a blend of Chhattisgarhi tradition.

ABIS Hospitality

ABIS Hospitality is a feeling designed to usher in a wave of nostalgia, gleaming smiles, and wistful memories. The intent is to enhance your inner energy by taking you on a journey that offers nourishing cuisines and immersive experiences. Literary classics, heartfelt melodies, and life-changing thoughts have one string trying them all together-inspiration drawn amidst a state of bliss. ABIS Hospitality is a name that assures satisfaction, comfort, health, value for money and ensures that you get an enthralling experience to cherish for a long time.

ABIS Chicken Delight

Indian cuisine is not just food it is a feeling that has vibrant energy which muffles emotions, love, care, compassion, and divine taste. Every meal of the day is like a festive celebration in itself. Considering the fondness of Indian cuisines and with an aim to stir-up your taste in Indian spices and curries, the IB group conceptualized a fine-dining restaurant ABIS Chicken Delight that was launched in 2016

ABIS Chicken Delight is a fine-dine Indian restaurant that draws inspiration from the lavish, elaborate, and authentic way of Indian non-vegetarian dining served with customary warm hospitality. The idea is to design a traditional yet tantalizing range of Indian cuisines. Vibrant neo-urban Indian décor and its complementing ambiance shall bring curiosity in every guest visiting the restaurant. Every dish on the menu is crafted to give you the genuine taste of non-vegetarian food cooked with the freshest of ingredients as made in India with a kiss of love.

ABIS Greens

Taking the legacy of culinary excellence, the IB group came up with a vegetarian restraint ABIS Greens in the year 2017. A visit to this place will make your taste buds glow, it offers an unconventional dining experience that will make you come back to this place again and again. Menu crafted with health and nourishment as the pillars behind the plethora of flavors offered. Love and taste find their way to each delicacy which is again deeply nourishing, refreshingly satisfying, and unarguably sumptuous.

From breakfasts to wholesome lunches and healthy dinners. Each meal offers a balanced diet, brimming with immunity strengthening ingredients. Relish refreshing main course and rejuvenating juices and drinks crafted to perfection. Every meal is infused with an abundance of vital nutrients to awaken and nourish the taste buds, mind, and soul. Embracing healthy indulgences relish an array of desserts specially created to retain the nutritious elements without compromising on deliciousness.

Gastronomical cuisine at ABIS Greens Restaurant seems effortless and priceless. Your taste buds feel blessed with different treats around the world in one place takes anyone to the pedestal of heaven to every food lover and makes you a zealot food worshiper.

Located in the heart of the city, all it takes is one glance outside to take in the vast expanse of greenery embracing ABIS Greens. Legacy and tradition sketch the silhouette of this place. It has two beautifully decorated and spacious banquets- Aqua and olive, it offers a perfect destination for any kind of party or a get-together, and both of these banquets are a respite for your eyes. Two lush-green lawns are spacious and magnificent with the combined capacity of 500 people at ABIS Greens which rekindles the joy of celebration and imbibing the essence of love, care, and happiness. It’s a perfect place for people seeking peaceful moments in the lap of the city, ABIS Greens can be called a true urban haven. A retreat at this serene place will invoke alignment of love and passion for your loved ones in a truly holistic manner. Where one has the luxury of solace, an inspiring ambiance, and unhindered comfort to bloom love for your mates.

ABIS Suites and Apartments

The graceful ABIS Suites and Apartments combine the intimacy and warmth of luxury and style which surely has an enigmatic charisma refreshing your senses and experience. Combining elegance with homely comfort and warm service. ABIS suites and apartments offer immersive and authentic local experiences to our loved guests. The beauty, luxury, tranquility, and local flavors unique to ABIS trails stay with guests long after they depart.

It is crafted for the grandeur welcome of our guests with 16 flats, 32 rooms, and 1 cafeteria that speaks of splendor with home-like warmth with spacious and luxurious accommodation fretted for your comfort and space. Away from the cacophonous hustle-bustle ABIS suites and apartments bring soothing comfort and pleasant stay to rejuvenate your energy spectrum adding glittering shine to you and your thoughts.

ABIS Hospitality awaits you

The best-in-class hospitality, inimitable dining, unique recreational experiences, picturesque property, and delicious cuisine, cherish moments for a lifetime with ABIS Hospitality. Every visit is crafted with impeccable details just for you and your loved ones.

At last, what stays is not the time that you spend in ABIS suites and apartments. But it is the priceless immortal memories that would imbue the scent of it on your soul, and would embrace your life with the fragrance of petrichor that would keep taking you back again……….

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