Producing the Best Protein Nutrition and Simultaneously Diversifying, Caring for the Society

IB Group runs a diversified and well-integrated business providing the best protein nutrition. With Poultry as its core business line, IB Group has diversified into: Livestock Feed, FMCG, Dairy, Solvent, Specialized Pet Food and Hospitality segments. Adhering to its key philosophy of evolution, the company aspires to further expand its existing business lines to multiple geographies. With a strong commitment to give back to the society, the group undertakes many socio-economic initiatives.

Our Businesses

Presenting a Rich Spectrum of Offerings to Nourish People and Livestock Supported by Technology and Innovation


The ever-growing Poultry business has been at the core of our business operations since the inception of the company. This vertical witnessed consistent growth driven by innovation, collaboration, technology and prudent strategy.

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Livestock Feed

Our livestock feed business involves the production of highly nutritious feed for poultry, fish and shrimp. Our world-class production plants produce the feeds with top quality.

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Pure and high-quality edible oils – Soya Oil, Rice Bran Oil & Palm Oil and ABIS Soya Power & ABIS Star, the high protein food supplements, are the offerings in our FMCG business. Soya and Rice Bran oils are produced in our state-of-the-art oil refineries, and ABIS Soya Power & ABIS Star are produced in our world-class plant

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In our solvent business, we produce excellent quality De-Oiled Rice Bran (DORB) and Soyabean De-Oiled Cake (Soya DOC), which are used as quality ingredients in livestock feed production

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Established in the year 2000, our dairy business aims at the production of best-in-class dairy products like milk, ghee, paneer, khowa, and more

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Pet Food

Our premier pet food brand- Pet Food, is at the forefront of the animal feed business. Pet Food offers an array of nutritionally balanced pet food products formulated by proficient animal food experts

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IB Group presents some of the finest luxury accommodations as part of its hospitality business. Be it our magnificently designed suites or the beautiful banquets and lawns, we present unmatched hospitality standards to our guests

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IB Group’s socio-economic initiative “Parivartan” was started in the year 2016 with the aim of automating poultry farms using advanced technology in an endeavor to double the net earnings of the participating farmers

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Transforming Lives

Uplifting Rural Economy, Educating Underprivileged Children, Empowering Women & Youth

A societal contribution is deeply engrained in the philosophy of IB Group. We undertake a number of socio-economic initiatives for uplifting the rural economy and transforming lives of the underprivileged. The “Parivartan” scheme, involving partnering with rural poultry farmers and providing them with modern automation and environment controlled houses for scientifically and hygienically raising poultry, is intended to double their income while uplifting the rural economy. Believing that no economically weaker child in the rural areas or the underprivileged children should be deprived of English medium education, IB Group runs a chain of AZIZ Public Schools, which offers free education.

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