An Entrepreneurship plan young India is looking for

Entrepreneurship is a trending topic all over the world, especially in India. Government initiatives like ‘Start-Up India’ and ‘Make in India’, aiming to promote bank financing for start-up ventures are starting to pick up the pace. These measures are adopted for boosting entrepreneurship and encouraging start-ups and thus, jobs creation.

With the concept of youth entrepreneurship, the business of India is transforming into a new shape. Studies show that over 60 percent of Indian youth considers entrepreneurship as a good prospect for earning livelihood.

Government’s motive behind these start-up schemes, was also to control and ultimately eradicate unemployment from the country. The young generation, although is skilled and capable but lacks resources to launch their own ventures. Thus, various benefits of the schemes were promoted by the government- financial benefits, income tax benefits (start-ups enjoy a good amount of benefits under the income tax head), registration benefits, government tenders, networking opportunities and so on.

Considering these benefits, IB Group was determined to pave a way for young entrepreneurs of India. Adding to the innovative efforts of government, IB Group launched Parivartan Gen Nxt-2019, counterpart of Parivartan-2016. IB Group takes pride in announcing an investment of 200 Cr in this scheme. One of the many focuses of this scheme is to make youth the mainstream of Indian economy by making them self-reliant and providing them a sustainable business model.

Some of the striking features of Parivartan Gen Nxt-2019 are:
• First ever such investment scheme in India
• Start-up business opportunity to encourage young India
• Globally acclaimed next generation best-in-class Poultry Housing technology with quick Return on Investment
• 25% Investment by IB Group for every single venture
• Interest free for first three years
• Technical training and hand holding for investors and all-round the year support with 35+ years of IB Group expertise
• Safe investment with IB Group for business assurance
Having a turnover of more than 7000 Cr, IB Group aims to share the technological advancements of poultry industry with aspiring youngsters by providing them entrepreneurship education, training, resources, services and above all, investment of 25% in their ventures. IB Group has held various sessions and meetings with prospective farmers and entrepreneurs to explain them about Parivartan Gen Nxt-2019 keeping in line with the benefits of government operated scheme ‘Start-up India’.

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