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  • ~2000 TPD

    Poultry Feed Capacity

  • ~1200 TPD

    Fish Feed Capacity

  • ~300 TPD

    Shrimp Feed Capacity

ISO certified IB Group produces a wide array of best quality feeds for livestock: poultry, fish and shrimp. Using high quality raw materials, the nutritious and hygienic feeds are produced using advanced process engineering in our technically advanced world class plants with the total production capacity of 3,500 TPD. Production capacities of poultry, fish and shrimp feeds are at 2000 TPD, 1200 TPD and 300 TPD respectively. The poultry feed production capacity is planned to be increased by 3,600 TPD in the near future.

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  • Shrimp Feed
  • Fish Feed
  • Poultry Feed

Shrimp Feed

Shrimp-Feed _ ABIS

Shrimp Feed

IB Group produces high quality extruded pelleted shrimp feed with the modern technology using the best combination of ingredients. Formulated to offer the best nutritional value, the nutritious feed imparts growth and survival in shrimps.

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Fish Feed

fish feed _ ABIS

Fish Feed

Pioneering the extruded floating feed in India, IB Group produces the best- in- class fish feed deploying world class technology at its aqua feed production unit. Using high quality raw materials and advanced processes, the feed is manufactured to carry balanced nutrients for maximizing fish growth .

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Poultry Feed

Poultry-Feed _ ABIS

Poultry Feed

We produce the best range of nutritious pelleted feeds for Broiler, Layer, Kuroiler, Cockerel and Gavran birds formulated with Hi-pro Soya as the principal ingredient that helps the birds to maintain good health and strengthen immunity.

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Feed Production Units

Best in Technology, Producing Best-in-Class Products

Indamara, Rajnandgaon, C.G.

The 500 TPD pelleted poultry feed plant, started operations in 1999, is built with technology imported from the US and Europe. Commenced functioning in 2008, the 1200 TPD extruded floating fish feed plant is constructed with American, European and Chinese technologies. The 300 TPD extruded pelleted shrimp feed plant is built with technology of the US and Europe, and started operations in 2012.

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Amlidih, Tolagaon, C.G.

With the main machineries procured from the US and Europe and the supporting machineries imported from China, the plant produces 1400 TPD of pelleted poultry feed, starting in 2014. One of the key features of the plant is the Hygeneiser technology which renders the feed hygienic.

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Rajpura, Punjab

With state-of-the-art technology, the plant produces 100 TPD of broiler feed. The plant started operations in 2019.

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Muzaffarpur, Bihar

This feed plant is equipped with the capacity of 1200 metric tons per day (MTD) and is situated in the BELA DISTRICT of BIHAR INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT AREA, MUZAFFARPUR This plant is made by keeping in mind the requirements of poultry protein in Bihar for its proper supply.

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