Offering Customers With Best-in-Class, Quality Poultry Products

    We produce a wide variety of poultry products comprising of Hatching Eggs, Chicks, Broilers, Parents, Layers, Table Top Eggs, and Chilled Dressed Chicken (ABIS LAZIZ). Produced with world-class, technology-driven, industry best practices and care for the livestock, we ensure quality at every step in our production process. Our state-of-the-art, environment-controlled houses provide optimum performance with the most comfortable living environment for the birds. Our team of highly qualified nutritionists and veterinarians ensure that our Breeding operations, Commercial Broiler operations and Layer operations are internationally referenced for their performance and quality process. The birds are fed with our own nutritious ABIS Poultry Feed. the poultry products are synonymous with quality and offer the best performance adding value to  our customers.

    Our Poultry Products

    A Value Based Portfolio of Poultry Products Enriching Diets With Protein Nutrition

    ABIS Broiler

    Best Broiler brand with high meat

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    IB Hatching Eggs

    Best Hatching Eggs With Best-in-Class Hatchability performance…

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    IB Chicks

    Best chicks for raising healthy broilers

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    ABIS Farm Fresh Eggs

    Table Top Eggs are Filled With Nutrition…

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    ABIS Layer

    High nutrition, low value protein meat

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    ABIS Parent

    Parents with best performance

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