How to choose the right feed for your poultry?

A bird’s health and performance are defined by good nutrition acquired from the best feed. An ideal feed should primarily contain all nutrients fulfilling basic requirements for energy and protein from the best available resources like soya and maize.

Giving correct nutrition is highly significant for poultry and other livestock like fish, cattle, etc. and their development, production, and health. The energy prerequisites differ based on factors including bird age and production status. Giving sufficient nutrition is crucial for flocks to achieve maximum growth and productivity.

A bird’s diet must be a combination of the targeted amino acids for optimal performance and rapid growth. Expert’s help should be sought to define a perfectly-balanced mix of nutritional requirements such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Feeds are formulated for different ages and stages of production. ABIS Poultry Feed has a diverse range of feed for each stage and production of birds including- Pre-starter, Starter, Grower, Finisher, Layer, and Breeder feed that have different levels of protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals depending on the nutritional requirements of the birds. The feed is formulated by expert R&D teams and nutritionists with the best formulations considering all nutritive values and requirements of the livestock.
The nutrients given to poultry vary depending on factors such as:
• Age
• Bird weight
• Reproductive State
• Temperature/Climate
• Egg-laying or meat-yielding (broiler)

These pointers can be especially useful in defining the right diet for your poultry as it is imperative for a poultry farmer to choose the right feed type for the birds to maximize their production and hence, profits.

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