“COVID Aashray Policy”- Another Initiative by IB Group During the COVID-19 Crisis to Protect Their Employees


IB Group well recognizes the unprecedented contribution made by its workforce in its development journey. For the last several months, COVID-19 has been wreaking havoc in the workplace and the environment. Even in the face of adversity, the determination of its employees to keep going to support the company is commendable.

Keeping these things in mind, the group is delighted to announce a unique scheme for its employees called the “COVID Aashray” keeping in mind the complete safety of the employees and their families.

In the words of IB Group’s Founder & Chairman, Mr. Sultan Ali, Founder & MD, Mr. Bahadur Ali, and HR Director Ms. Tanaz Zeeshan Aziz- it is a challenging time for all of us and you are giving your best for this company. We thank you for your immense support and hard work to tackle these adverse times. We sincerely hope that you are taking care of yourself and your families by following all the necessary health measures. We are positive to see our fight against COVID-19 as a collective success soon with the hope that we will shortly be able to resume our normal lives.

All the employees of IB Group will get the following benefits from the “COVID Aashray Policy”:

Payment of the medical expenses of an employee infected with COVID-19 – If an employee is home quarantined due to the infection, the company will bear all their COVID-19 medical expenses. If an employee is hospitalized after being infected with COVID-19, the company will pay for the hospitalization, treatment and medical expenses as per the prescribed limit.

Salary in the absence of an employee infected with COVID-19 – Employees who duly inform the company regarding their COVID-19 infection will receive salary for the period of their COVID illness.

Monthly Ex-gratia payment to the family of an employee deceased due to COVID-19 infection – If an employee dies due to COVID-19, the company will provide financial help to the employee’s family. In the case of a married employee, the company will pay a fixed amount every month to the spouse of the deceased employee. In the case of an unmarried employee, the company will pay a fixed amount every month to the dependent parent.

Payment of tuition fees for the children of the employee deceased due to COVID-19 – The company will pay tuition fees from class X to graduation for two legitimate children of the deceased employee (anywhere in India, up to a maximum of 6 years).

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