Scheme of Arrangement

Scheme of Arrangement


In the matter of composite Scheme of Arrangement amongst Indian Agro and Food Industries Limited, ABIS Exports (India) Private Limited and Drools Pet Food Private Limited with respect to demerger of the poultry business from Indian Agro and Food Industries Limited to ABIS Exports (India) Private Limited; and demerger of the pet food business of ABIS Exports (India) Private Limited into Drools Pet Food Private Limited, an application along with a composite scheme of arrangement was filed with the National Company Law Tribunal at Cuttack.

By an Order dated 27 September 2019, the Cuttack Bench of the National Company Law at Cuttack has directed that a meeting of secured creditors and secured creditors of Indian Agro and Food Industries Limited and ABIS Exports (India) Private Limited be held for the purpose of considering, and if thought fit, approving with or without modification, the arrangement, proposed in the matter of Composite Scheme of Arrangement.

The notice of the relevant meeting and the supporting documents are provided below:

Published On: 27 September 2019

Published By: ABIS Exports (India) Private Limited

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