A Scintillating Spectrum of Hospitality Offerings
With Classic Accommodation, Food, Event Facilities and More

Driven by the urge to provide the best-in-class hospitality services at Rajnandgaon in Chhattisgarh, IB Group forayed into the segment by setting up a top class restaurant—ABIS Chicken Delights—in 2016. Venturing forward, a luxurious suite & apartment was established in 2016. In 2017, ABIS Greens, a lifestyle dines restaurant, was opened to register a rich recipe of hospitality service offerings.In the town, IB Group leads in all the hospitality segments: accommodation, food and events due to the top quality service offerings while planning further expansion for the future.


Stylish Hotels Defining Luxury With Difference

Named at ABIS Greens, IB Group runs a luxury hotel at Rajnandgaon in Chhattisgarh that has a vegetarian restaurant with mouth watering cuisine, a cafe with difference, banquets and lawns with extraordinary ambience.


Excellent Suites With Affluent Accommodation and Fantastic Dining Facilities

Under its Hospitality business, IB Group has a luxury suite—ABIS Suites –at Rajnandgaon. The suite has 16 flats, 32 rooms and one cafeteria, which speak of luxury and excellence.


Spacious Banquets Replete With Up-to-Date Facilities—Perfect for All Celebrations

ABIS Greens has two spacious banquets—Aqua and Olive, perfect for anniversary, birthday and other celebrations.


Magnificent Lawns With Ample Space

There are two spacious and magnificent lawns with the combined capacity of 500 people at ABIS Greens.


Classy Restaurants With Mouth- Watering Food Delicacies

Our ABIS Chicken Delights Restaurant offers an array of tasty and delicious non-vegetarian recipes along with the home delivery option. At ABIS Greens, there is one vegetarian multi cuisine restaurant with the sitting capacity of 105 people.

Fine Dining

Gorgeous Dining Facilities With Elegant Ambience

ABIS Greens has fine dining capacity of 105 people.


Stylish Cafe With Quality Aroma

At ABIS Green, there is one top-class cafe with the capacity of 45 people.

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