Producing High Quality Shrimp Feed With Best Raw Materials, Superior Technology

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With our state-of-the-art plant based on technology of the US and Europe, we produce the best quality extruded pelleted shrimp feed, starting in 2015. Produced using the best ingredients with internationally acclaimed formulation, the nutritious and hygienic feed lowers consumption, improves body weight and reduces wastage apart from reducing mortality by strengthening immunity against pathogens, such as White Spot Syndrome Virus. For faster growth and high survival of shrimps, the feed is fortified with X-force, an enhanced composition of nutrients and feed additives.The total production capacity is at 300 TPD.

Production Units

State-of-the-Art Plant for Producing High Quality Shrimp Feed


The extruded pelleted shrimp feed plant is built with technology imported from the US and Europe and bears a production capacity of 300 TPD.

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Nutritious Feed for Healthy Shrimps, High Return on Investment

Produced with an extensive research-based formulation comprising of quality raw materials, our Shrimp Feed offers the best nutritional value. Sold under the ABIS brand, the high-quality Shrimp Feed entails the best FCR, fastens growth, lowers disease outbreak chances, and reduces pond pollution.

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