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Keeping pace with the growing demand for broiler chicken in India, IB Group runs its commercial broiler operations round the clock throughout the year. Adopting a two-pronged strategy to maximize production, the company runs its operations as well as delegates to external farmers on a contract basis. With the total broiler capacity of 15 million, the in-house farms are modern with environmentally controlled houses and equipped automated systems for supplying feed and water to the chicks. The chicks are fed with IB Group’s own nutritious ABIS feed, and their health is monitored by veterinary experts. Also, IB Group is associated with more than 8,000 poultry farms spread across 20 states in India. 172 branches of IB Group support and manage these contract farms.

What Do We Do In Commercial Broiler Operations

Strategically Integrating Our Broiler Operations With External Farmers to Maximize Capacity

  • In House Farming
  • Contract Farming
  • Parivartan Farming

In House Farming

In House Farming

IB Group runs several commercial broiler farms on its own. The broilers are raised in clean and hygienic environmentally controlled houses, equipped with automated systems for supplying feed and water to the birds. Pure water and nutritious ABIS feed are given to the birds for good health and lower disease risk. For keeping them disease-free, the broiler chicks are vaccinated and their health status is frequently monitored by veterinary experts.

Contract Farming

Contract Farming

Allowing vertical integration in its breeding operations, IB Group also delegates the breeding operations to external farmers on a contract basis. Under the contract program, IB Group provides parent birds to the contract farmers retaining the ownership, entrusting the farmers with the responsibility of raising the birds under strict guidelines. As part of the input supply policy, IB Group provides the farmers with quality chicks, poultry feed, vaccines, technical services and broiler marketing assistance.

Parivartan Farming

Parivartan Farming

IB Group also runs a socio-economic initiative based contract farming scheme–Parivartan. Under which, the company partners with existing broiler farmers and upgrades their farming infrastructure by providing environmentally controlled houses and automated machinery at a 40% This in turn enables the farmers to raise quality broilers while maximizing their earnings.

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