Farming Table Top Eggs With Hygiene, Nutrition and Technology

  • ~1.5 Million

    Layer Capacity

  • ~1.5 Crore

    Monthly Egg Sales

IB Group operates multiple layer farms that produce infertile eggs, also called Tabletop eggs, consumed by humans. In these farms, female layer birds are raised hygienically and scientifically for commercial egg production. Good management policies are followed to attain standard productivity and profits. The layer farms cumulatively produce around 1.5 layer eggs per month.

Commercial Layer Eggs Operation

Raising Layer Birds for Nutritious Table Top Eggs

  • Layer Bird Farming

Layer Bird Farming

Layer Bird Farming

We raise female layer birds without male partners in hygienic conditions. They are fed with the nutritious ABIS feed and pure water for maintaining good health and kept in environmentally controlled houses for providing the right temperature. The layers start laying eggs from 18-19 weeks and continue till 72-78 weeks of age. The layer birds produce high-quality tabletop eggs with good shell quality. Vaccination of the birds is compulsorily carried out in these farms for safeguarding against diseases.

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