Operation Overview

Collaborating With Aviagen, We Breed the Best-in-Class Grandparents

    With a grandparent line of the capacity, we breed the best-in-class ROSS 308 AP as grandparents. To bring in the best quality broiler chicks to the Indian market, IB Group entered into a strategic collaboration with the US-based Aviagen- a global leader in grandparent and parent stocks in 2013 to market its genetic line- ROSS in India. Our grandparents are endowed with superior quality and best FCR.

    Grandparent Operations

    Raising Grandparents With Utmost Care, Nutritious Feed and Controlled Environment

    • Right Environment
    • Nutritious Feed
    • Periodic Health Monitoring

    Right Environment

    Right Environment

    Providing the right environment, we raise the grandparents with maximum care. They are kept in bio-secured houses, where the environment is controlled by automated systems regulating the temperature. The environmentally-controlled houses are equipped with automated systems for supplying feed and water.

    Nutritious Feed

    Nutritious Feed

    To ensure good health, faster growth and lower the risk of the Salmonella infection, we feed the grandparents with our own ABIS feed, which is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Pure drinking water is supplied through automated systems.

    Periodic Health Monitoring

    Periodic Health Monitoring

    Veterinary experts constantly monitor the health status of the grandparent birds.


    A Virtual Walk Through Grandparent Operations

    Careful Raising of Grandparents With Nutritious Feed and Right Environment

    Grandparents are raised hygienically in environmentally-controlled houses and fed with the nutritious ABIS feed while monitoring their health.

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