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Our state-of-the-art hatcheries are enclosed in bio-secured and environment controlled houses. Implementing design and technology prevalent in the US and Europe, we use advanced hatcheries provided by reputed companies: J.V., Hatchtech and Petersime; which are equipped with ultra-modern machines for holding and hatching large number of grandparent and parent eggs. Facilities also include ultra-modern incubators with chick counting machines, and intelligent cold room facilities for storing hatching eggs. Manned by experienced veterinarians and a highly-skilled task force, the hatchery operations undergo the cycle of egg collection, single-stage incubation, point-down correction, chick counting, vaccination, and conservation.


What We Do In Hatchery Operation

Bringing Up Chicks from Eggs With Care and Diligence

  • Breeder Stock Hatchery
  • Commercial Broiler Hatchery

Breeder Stock Hatchery

Breeder Stock Hatchery

We have two Broiler hatcheries where parent eggs are incubated in advanced automated systems providing the appropriate environment. The new born chicks are looked after with utmost care, and are fed with ABIS feed so that the birds remain healthy and grow fast. Vaccination is done to guard the chicks against diseases. As the birds grow, their health and nutrition requirements are monitored systematically. Also we have approx 40 custom hatcheries in 14 states.

Commercial Broiler Hatchery

Commercial Broiler Hatchery

Our Parent eggs are incubated providing the appropriate environment in technically advanced systems. Upon hatching, the chicks are vaccinated and sent to commercial broiler farms for breeding where the birds start laying eggs after around 26 weeks of birth.

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