Operation Overview

High Protein Ingredient for Livestock Feed Producers

  • 1200 TPD


  • ~50%


  • 7


The excellent quality Soy DOC [ also called as Soybean Meal] we produce in our state-of-the-art solvent extraction plant is high to the extent of 46-50% in protein content and is the most sought after ingredient for producing high quality livestock feed. The total production capacity is at 1200 TPD. Complying with our backward integration policy, we consume around 60% of the produce in our own livestock feed production; and the rest is sold to external customers (livestock feed manufacturers).

Manufacturing Facilities

Production With State-of-the-Art Technology

Amlidih (Tolagaon)

Established in 2012, the technically advanced oil extraction plant bears a Soy DOC production capacity of 1200 TPD.

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