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Our thrust on research and development (R&D) is clearly outlined in our vision—to develop innovative solutions to enrich values to our customers. One of the key functions at IB Group is carrying out active R&D to not only find out innovative product values but also explore the right solutions to the challenges we face thus streamlining our business operations. At the same time, we implement strict quality control methods to maintain top quality in our product offerings.

Research & Developement

Aziz Diagnostic lab basically work in the field of diagnosis and monitoring which covers all the important poultry diseases.

We also analyze the microbiological parameters of poultry feed and water to provide good quality and hygienic feed and water to poultry.

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Quality Management

We check the quality of all incoming premixes which is to be included in the poultry feed, in this lab.

We check the quality of all incoming running plant materials, outgoing raw materials and finished feed by physical and proximate analysis in this lab.

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