R&D represents the activities companies undertake to innovate and introduce new products and services or to improve their existing offerings.


Research and development (R&D) refers to the activities companies undertake to innovate and introduce new products and services. It is often the first stage in the development process with purpose to take new products and services to market and add to the company’s bottom line.


Challenges that the industry face during the production, nutrition, and technology trends.

Metabolic and nutritional diseases

These are conditions caused by a disturbance of normal metabolic functions either through a genetic defect, inadequate or inappropriate nutrition or impaired nutrient utilization. These include Fatty Liver Syndrome, Persis (or slipped tendon), Rickets and Cage Layer Fatigue.

Infectious diseases

An infectious disease is any disease caused by invasion of a host by a pathogen which subsequently grows and multiplies in the body. Infectious diseases are often contagious, which means they can be spread directly or indirectly from one living thing to another.

Parasitic diseases

A parasite is an organism that lives in or on and takes its nourishment from, another organism. A parasite cannot live independently. These include Coccidiosis, Cryptosporidiosis, Histomoniasis, Lice and Mites, Parasitic Worms (or Helminths), Toxoplasmosis and Trichomoniasis.

Behavioral diseases

Abnormal behavioral patterns can lead to injury or ill health of the abnormally behaving bird and/or its companions. These include Cannibalism (or aggressive pecking).


The act of solving a problem, question & issues


Microbial analysis of feed and water to check the microbial load in feed and water Poultry Sheds and Hatchery Hygiene Audits to check the microbial loads inside the poultry houses and hatcheries ensures the disease free environment Isolation and basic identifications of important microorganisms related to poultry Antibiotic Sensitivity Test- to check the effective ness of different antibiotics. It helps to prevent indiscriminate use of antibiotics


For complete sero-profiling of the birds ELISA & HI- To monitor the important poultry disease and efficacy of important vaccines

Quality test of different Chemicals

A chemical test is a quantitative or quantitative procedure designed to identify, quantify, or characterized to chemical compound.


one of the important diagnostic tool to support the diagnosis

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