Soyabean- The Plant-Based Immunity-Booster

With COVID-19 wreaking havoc globally, we have come to realize that our immunity is our only shield against the virus. Companies are advertising medicines and tablets to fight the infection but none of them have proven to be even remotely effective. A good old protein diet seems to be the only attested savior.

Protein is the quintessential element that is required to build, maintain, and repair every cell in the human body — from bones and muscles to skin and hair. For quite some time, Soya has been acknowledged as plant food that has relatively higher protein content than others. It is a rare (some say, the only) plant-based protein that is comprised of all the essential amino acids bonding to create the “complete protein” for human body requirement.

Renowned health organizations like the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, and the American Cancer Society advise the consumption of legumes, mainly Soyabean, as critical food for preventing diseases and enhancing health.

Popular opinions refuse to believe that plant-derived protein is as effective as animal-based protein. But evidently, both types are impactful in their unique ways. Due to its protein level, Soya has infamously been nicknamed “meat of the field” or “meat without bones.” Though its protein digestibility has always raised eyebrows, recent studies suggest that after adapting to the digestibility and other metabolic factors, Soya imparts protein quality higher than that of eggs or cow’s milk.

Multiple unique proteins named peptides have been discovered in Soya that claim to benefit in terms of improved immune function, improved blood pressure regulation, and better control of blood sugar levels. College of Medicine at the University of Kentucky researched the impact of Soya protein on the risk of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). They found an overall decreased risk of CHD when approximately 30 grams of Soya protein was consumed on a daily basis. Decreased LDL cholesterol (commonly known as bad cholesterol) was found to be a crucial reason behind this lowered risk.

Consuming the right quality of Soya-based ready-to-cook food is something that people should focus on. With 53 grams of protein in 100 grams of serving, ABIS STAR Soya Chunks is a great product to supplement your meals with the daily protein requirements. Cooking and preparation being easy, ABIS STAR Soya Chunks can be a chef’s best friend.

Eat right and let your nourishments worry about the virus!

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