Mr. Anjum Alvi

Executive Director


As an Executive Director (Legal and Liasoning), Mr. Anjum Alvi has been entrusted with the responsibility to execute major policies and decisions taken by the Board from time to time and implement the same from the grass-root level to the top-level management.
With 40 years of professional experience, he has been associated with the founding members of the corporation as a co-founder member since April 1981, even before the company began its operations.

Maintaining harmony with different stakeholders connected with the company through negotiation and political/legal Liasoning starting from Sarpanch at the rural level to getting clearances from the high-level ministries and bureaucrats, he aces everything to ensure that the operations of the company are never affected including:

CSEB/Pollution/Health & Saftey Industries
CSR/Pro Works
Police and Hospital Cases
Print Media and Electronic Media Management

To establish an image of the company globally, Liasoning and negotiation are very important for any organization as a sudden change in the Government and the bureaucracy exposes the company to conflicting interests and Mr. Alvi has been there to balance these interests so that the company’s operations run smoothly.

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