Mr. Juned Qazi



Mr. Juned Qazi has an experience of more than 20 years in continuously devising business strategy in the changing world of Feed manufacturing and driving it towards a more viable and profit-making business on the long term outlook, enhancing the ecosystem to deliver growth and increased market share. His immediate focus is on reducing the cost per ton production by optimum use of energy without compromising the output quality.


Looking at the future trends in the food and feed industry, he envisions to add value to the chain and provide exciting opportunities for the group to excel in the sector and be the Numero uno within the next decade.


With the level of automation going up, he is well aware that manufacturing in future is going to be a tough task keeping the manpower motivated and inspired to excel in their jobs. Hence he is focused on upgrading the skill sets of the manpower to match the levels required as well as boost their spirits to continuously innovate in the Standard Operating Procedures.

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