Manoj Ahuja

Group CFO


CA Manoj Ahuja is a Fellow member of ICAI and a well-known name in the world of Finance.
He has been associated as the group CFO for the last 21 years and is primarily responsible for managing the company’s finances, including financial planning, management of financial risks, record-keeping, and financial reporting.

• Accounting: managing the accounting and administration department;
• Budget control: producing investment and operational budgets at regular intervals for efficient decision-making;
• Management control: establishing a dashboard with key performance indicators for business monitoring and decision-making;
• Treasury: managing working capital (liquidity, collections and payments, short-term debts);
• Relationship with banks: managing and using financial resources to achieve the company’s general objectives, optimizing performance by negotiating terms with banks and financial institutions;
• Evaluating and reporting on investment and financing options, with clear criteria;
• Participating in the establishment and amendment of company policies and procedures;
• Optimizing organization, production planning and services in general, including administrative and control rules where relevant;
• Participating in the general management of the company;
• Investment analysis;
• Sustaining relationships with analysts and investors;
• Identification, analysis and valuation of growth alternatives through Mergers/Demergers/acquisitions.

Presently, he is a committee member of “The members in Industry” in the Bhilai branch of ICAI.

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