RK Chaudhry

VP, Edible Oil and Soya Power


With 24 years of industry experience in FMCG products and implementing competitive selling strategies to improve product awareness and enhance business in the current market scenario. Reviewing and interpreting the competition (through in-depth analysis of market information) to finalize the marketing strategy and ensure profitable growth by negotiation with buyers. Undertaking an analysis of the company/ industry/ competitor performance of current year w.r.t last year and the effects of seasonality & macro level factors.


Ddeveloping new clients by comparative study of market variable such as cost, etc. and providing them with superior service. Conducting extensive market research to analyze and assess market potential, tracking competitor activities for providing valuable inputs to fine-tune selling & marketing strategies. Developing relationships with decision makers and key buyers in negotiation stages.

Help to company excellence growth and achieve the company vision and mission.

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