Shery Kurian

VP, Shrimp Feed


With the BFSc in Bachelor of Fisheries Science, Kerala Agricultural University and MBA  from Cochin University of Science and Technology, Mr. Shery Kurian has total of 18 years’ of experience in aquaculture feed and feed additive industries.


Shrimp feed business is one of the newest initiative of IBG. The current focus will be to set a strong foundation to the shrimp feed business, by expanding the customer network, having a structured business team and effectively communicate the value that IBG provide to the customers and consumers as a brand.  In line with IBG mission, we shall provide the best protein nutrition to shrimp, so that the top most animal performance is realized and customer’s profitability is enhanced.


Grow the business to make IBG a significant player in the shrimp feed market in India, with over 8% market share by 2023. Create a strong brand equity, so that ABIS is among the TOM brands for shrimp customers in India. With the aim of continuously improving the customer experience and offering, will move towards providing comprehensive farm productivity management solutions, including technical support, productivity enhancement additives, management tools and early steps into genetics support.


Providing a consistent quality of shrimp feed requires a strong supply chain and tiding through the price cycles. Shrimp farmers today face numerous challenge in finding a product that matches this ever increasing challenge. With the competency in managing a feed production surpassing  2.5 MMT, IBG is well placed to address this challenge and give the best protein nutrition to shrimp, enhancing the customer profitability.

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