The transition of poultry from the pre-COVID to a post-COVID period

When the economy is struggling to stay afloat while coping up with the COVID-19 aftereffects, the present circumstances can prove to be a new window of opportunity for the poultry industry. While people are becoming self-aware of what nutrients to consume to boost their immunity, this can be a Eureka doorway to a set of new growth possibilities. Poultry products range from eggs, different range of birds to the newly trending ‘processed meat’.

Why the need to expand the meat market?

The requirement for hygienically packed poultry meat, untouched by human hand, is growing after normalizing social or physical distancing. A coherent answer to affirm adherence to these quality necessities is processed meat.
IB Group anticipated the trend and has been vertically integrating to establish a better grasp on traceability from farm to plate, additive-free, hygienic, and safe derivation of the product. Meanwhile, reassuring the nutritive value and heterogeneity of the products with its brand ABIS LAZIZ.

To widen the consumer base, it’s necessary to understand the mindset of shoppers. The compulsivity to buy natural and fresh poultry produce prevails to date despite technological advances. We have a well-designed marketing layout including awareness campaigns to seize the fresh as well as the processed meat market. We are investing in reforming ideas, logistics, and technology befitting the changing circumstances and government policies.
IB Group has already captured a fair share of the fresh poultry sector. There is a high scope of multiplication in the processed poultry market in India and with ABIS LAZIZ, we have set sail to conquer the same.

For IB Group, the focus is to keep spreading awareness to alter the perception of poultry food among consumers. To conclude, Government regulations will keep playing a pivotal part in establishing, or even expanding, the industry and encouraging poultry as safe, wholesome, and hygienic food.

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