• 1400 TPD

    Pelleted Poultry Feed

  • 1200 TPD


  • 300 TPD

    Oil Refinery

Set-up as part of IB Group’s expansion strategy given the rising demand, the facility has production units for Poultry Feed, Pet Food and Premix, a Solvent Extraction plant,and an Edible Oil refinery. The plant is incorporated with world-class technologies for producing high-quality products.

Production Units at the Facilities

A Composite Production Facility for Livestock Feed, Edible Oil, Pet food & Premix

Poultry Feed Plant

Started operations in 2014, the state-of-the-art plant produces 1400 TPD of pelleted poultry feed .Built with the key machineries imported from the US and Europe, and the supporting machineries procured from China, the plant is also equipped with the Hygienizer technology, which renders the produced feed hygienic.

Soybean Oil Extraction Plant

Bearing the extraction capacity of 1200 TPD, the Soyabean Oil Extraction plant is built with technology imported from the US and China, and was established in 2012. The European Hot De-hulling and Seed Conditioning technology incorporated in the plant makes it the first such plant in India.

Soya Oil Refinery

The state-of-the-art soybean oil refinery was set-up in 2013 and bears a production capacity of 300 TPD.

Pet Food Plant

With the production capacity of 100 TPD, the Pet Food plant is built with technology sourced from the US and Europe, and commenced operations in 2013.

Premix Plant

The automated PLC based plant produces 100 TPD of Premix, starting operations in 2015.

Plant Picutre

A Production Facility With Modernity in all Respects

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