IB Group Cohesively, Constantly Strives to Raise the Life Standards of Local Community


IB Group has always been at the forefront when it comes to making the world a better place to live in – being evident from the manifold socio-economic initiatives we engage in. While “Parivartan” aims at doubling the earnings of local farmers by automating their poultry farms, “AZIZ Public School” is dedicated to empowering rural education through a highly developed schooling infrastructure. All our initiatives aim at positively transforming the lives of local people.


Undertaking a Plethora of Initiatives to Systematically Support the Local Rural Community

Aziz Trust

Started with the noble objective of making quality education accessiable to all, AZIZ Public School started for the underpreviledged children irrespective of their religion. Currently, AZIZ Public School has overall 38 branches in Chhattisgarh.

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Uplifting Rural Economy

Aimed at uplifting the rural economy, IB Group creates entrepreneurial avenues for poultry farmers and young Indians through its partnership poultry farming program and the ‘Parivartan’ initiative, focussed on doubling farmers’ income by upgrading their farms with modern equipment through subsidy.

Women Empowerment

We provide avenues of self-reliance to our women. As part of the initiative, we offer work-from-home earning opportunities, such as stitching bags; and undertake hygiene awareness programs to educate the women.

Learning & Development

Realizing that our success has been due to our people, we have crafted a holistic and scientific Learning and Development program to enhance the effectiveness of our employees. Focusing on encouraging critical thinking, employee engagement and talent retention, we lay stress on building a pipeline of future business leaders who would propel us in our transformational journey.

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