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Established for over 4 decades, IB Group is known as the INDIA's INTEGRATED PROTEIN LEADER, spanning across sectors like Poultry, Edible Oil, Livestock Feed, Solvent, and Processed Protein. We leverage technology and innovation to empower farmers, traders, and communities. If you are seeking a fulfilling career in an environment that champions ownership, idea exploration, and is the future of agribusiness in India, join us.

India's Integrated Protein Leader

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Leadership Board

Join a workplace where people are considered as their greatest asset. We strive to shape a culture that inspires excellence and cultivates success. Be part of our team that believes in making your career journey truly rewarding.

Ajith Mani

Senior Vice President

In this transformative age, where technology reshapes industries, IB Group stands at the forefront, fearlessly embracing change. We extend an invitation for you to join our vibrant team. Your expertise, coupled with our unwavering dedication to progress, can sculpt the future landscape of Poultry farming in India.

Dileep Jain

Executive Vice President

"Join IB family and be a catalyst for change! IB is not just a workplace; it's a community that thrives on dynamism. If you're looking for a company that values your skills and fosters continuous learning, IB is the place to be.

Mohd Rizwan Uddin

Vice President

Dive into the dynamic world of aquaculture with IB's Shrimp Feed team. At IB, your passion for aquatic nutrition can create positive impact on the environment and you can meaningfully contribute towards a sustainable future.

Shery Kurian

Vice President

We welcome you to fish and shrip team where your career makes a splash, and your knowledge in fish nutrition will contribute to a thriving future of the aqua industry. At IB, where we're not just feeding fish with the best quality nutrients; we're nourishing possibilities and creating waves of success together with the entire industry stakeholders.

Mohd. Asif Qureshi

Vice President

Your journey with Parivartaan is meant to be beyond a job; it's an opportunity to set new standards, and elevate the Indian poultry landscape. Together we can reshape the world, where progress isn't just envisioned; it's led.

Saurabh Nagpal

Senior Vice President

This is your chance to rewrite the script of the poultry sector with IB's Broiler Integration team. At IB, our commitment to excellence goes beyond tradition. Join us, and let's script a successful career together, where every effort counts toward a thriving poultry industry.

Dr. Subhrendu Dey

Senior Vice President

Embark on a transformative journey with IB! As the work landscape evolves, our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology is unwavering. Join a team that believes in growth, innovation, and harnesses the power of evolving trends. At IB, we've been on this incredible journey for the last four decades, and we see endless possibilities for the future.

Mr. Juned Qazi

Executive Vice President

In a world where innovation drives progress, IB Group is not just adapting to industry trends; we're leading the way. Be a part of our dynamic Poultry Research and Production Team, where we are creating the future of Poultry in the country.

Dr. R K Jaiswal


Technology is transforming how we work, and IB Group is at the heart of the modern poultry revolution. Join our CFO's vibrant team, where every day is an opportunity to shape the future. Grow with us, as we redefine the sector and shape a future that's as exciting as it is sustainable!

Manoj Ahuja

Executive Vice President


Employee Training & Development

At IB Group, we're dedicated to fostering employee growth through dynamic training programs, providing timely knowledge upgrades for industry readiness. State-of-the -art Centre of Excellence at the corporate office in Rajnandgaon has been established to train leaders of tomorrow. Embrace continuous improvement and future-proof your career at IB Group.

Employee Health and Well-Being

At IB Group, health and well-being of our employees takes the center stage. Our commitment to fostering a holistic workplace extends beyond professional realms. Here, we recognize the intrinsic link between physical and mental health, creating an environment where both aspects are prioritized.

Rewards and Recognition

 At IB Group, we nurture a culture of appreciation, valuing our employees' contributions with a dynamic reward system that champions excellence, innovation and dedication. Through our quarterly Hero Awards, we empower IBGians to transform their ideas into action driving us towards collective success.

In House Celebrations

At IB Group, we prioritize fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie under the theme of ‘One Team One Goal”. We regularly conduct trainings to ensure workplace safety and other events that promotes learning and growth. Be it celebrating Diwali, Dusshera, Holi, Christmas, or Eid al-Fitr, IB Group strives to make the environment inclusive and engaging for employees with varied activities, games and performances. 

Knowledge Day Series

Through initiatives like the Knowledge Day series, we ensure continuous learning and skill enhancement even for our stakeholders namely dealers, farmers, traders and communities. Mr. Bahadur Ali’s leadership is marked by a proactive approach to addressing stakeholder concerns and long-standing dedication to the prosperity of traders, farmers and employees, solidifying the company’s position as their trusted partner. 

Sunhera Kal

The visionary program– Sunhera Kal, launched in 2023 is a testament to IB group’s commitment to holistic development of young minds in Chhattishgarh and children of their staff. This initiative is much more than assortment of activities. It aims at an experiential offering of edutainment activities. Our Founder & MD has set aside INR 5 crores corpus funds to sponsor higher education of these bright minds from Chhattisgarh.

Career Openings

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? IB Group offers exciting opportunities in a multi-diversified agribusiness environment. Apply now and embark on a fulfilling journey!

Graphic Designer


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