Sustainability is at the heart of ABIS

Our commitment to Sustainability is inspired from our belief system.

Sustainability thus has long been a business priority for us. While delivering the highest-quality protein possible, we have addressed some of the most pressing global challenges of climate change, natural resource management and social justice.




ABIS has played a leading role in offering affordable, accessible, and nutritious protein to the nation. While fulfilling the protein deficiency of millions we are conscious about our commitment towards creating a food system that is more sustainable and equitable for current and future generations.

Bahadur Ali

Founder and MD

IB Group is determined to provide affordable, nutritious protein to millions. We're committed to a sustainable, equitable food system. Our financial strategies uphold responsibility and foresight, ensuring success while investing in a healthier future for all.

Zoya Afreen Alam

Director, Finance

We are fully aware about the growing prominence of ESG in national and global business ecosystem. In fact, ESG is more than a good intension for us. We are committed to address emissions, conservation, management, safety, diversity and equity through the principle of sustainability. We seek to cord a right balance between the short term performances and investments require for achieving long term ESG goals.

Dr. Poulomi Davuluri Banerjee

Head, ESG

ABIS's strategy to conserve and manage water focuses on restoring water in the groundwater aquifers,
rainwater harvesting, and 100% utilization of our water resources without waste. We are responding to water challenges through innovation, reducing water in our operations. We are in the process of metering every connection of principle flow in the facilities operated by ABIS. Regularly monitoring the flow and utilization along with its benchmarking is a routine that we follow to reduce our water footprint.

Junaid Qazi


We plant seeds of change, empower communities, and foster a brighter and a sustainable future of India.

Key Highlights

80 MW

of total solar capacity

125000 + Farmers

livelihood impacted

9.5 Mn liter/annum

of rain water is getting harvested in our Rajpura plant

92 %

Local hire

25000 Plants

planted across our poultry farms & facilities

16499 Children

get free education in Aziz Public Schools

177266 MT

of organic manure produced between 2021-2022

2300 Fish Farmers

moved to ABIS's low FCR better quality floating fish feed

33 % Women entrepreneur

empowered under "Bardana"


To fulfil our aim of safely, responsibly, and sustainably feeding the world, we are bringing together a broad group of people, ideas, and resources. The key element of that commitment is to offer a secure, equitable, and fair environment where our employees may build their careers. At ABIS, we are finding new ways to onboard talent, creating for them opportunities for continuous self-learning and designing a compelling employee experience. We also remain committed to ensuring a safe workplace where all workers can return home safely to their families. At ABIS, we treat people with dignity and respect. We take this responsibility very seriously, not only with regard to our workers but also in how we interact with vendors, clients, partners, governments, and other community stakeholders.

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Climate change has become a significant challenge for humankind due to shifts in global weather patterns and natural hazard frequency. ABIS has addressed current climatic challenges by focusing on emission reduction, sustainable water and waste management. Climate-smart and sustainable poultry is ensured through technological innovations and enhancement of farmers’resilience.

ABIS has developed a strategic approach to address climate change. Rooted in strong sustainability principles, we are transforming our vision through policies, plans & and procedures, and project-driven activities.

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ESG Highlights

APS is India's 1st LiFE School

Reached 15,000 beneficiaries of malnutrition children & pregnant women

Distributed balanced diet bowls to 10,000+ children over 6 months

Converting Dongargaon & Chowki blocks Model ODF+ blocks

India’s First to Introduce In-ovo Vaccine in Poultry.

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