Welcome to Aziz Poultry Research and Development Centre (APRDC), where our vision is to be the driving force for transformative advancements in the Indian poultry industry. APRDC is committed to redefining the future of poultry research through its unwavering dedication to health of birds and other livestock and state-of-the-art technologies.

We aspire to modernize Indian poultry industry through pioneering innovations for a more sustainable future.

At APRDC, we're a powerhouse of innovation, reshaping poultry research with cutting-edge technologies for a more sustainable and productive world.

Our cutting-edge facility, staffed by a highly skilled team of scientists and researchers, is at the forefront of addressing industry challenges through continuous innovation.

Poultry Health

Welcome to Health & Diagnosis Research Lab, where cutting-edge methods meet proactive disease diagnosis. Our highly scientific and precise identification methods, including HI, ELISA, and agglutination, underscores our commitment to stay ahead.

Our upcoming Vaccine Research Lab facility boasts of highly advanced and Gen-Nxt solutions to ensure disease prevention with safest and highly potent vaccine for the chicks and birds.

We continuously strive to ensure hygienic and healthy protein production.

Thrust to provide an assured healthy environment to Eggs, Chicks and Birds by rigorous monitoring of air, water and other environment for its microbial quality. We continuously monitor and device Novel, data based EMS for ensuring the best healthy environment for hygienic and healthy protein production. All environmental matrices are precisely assessed here impacting growth and production.

Healthy and enriched water prevents the diseases and so is assessed here against stringent microbiological benchmarks. Our innovative and scientific R&D activities majorly focus on the feed microbiology on a principle of “Good microbes are permitted and Pathogens are prohibited”. The ‘Microbiome’ of feed and food is ascertained that evolving and emerging pathogenic fungi and bacteria like Salmonella, Clostridia or others are prohibited thus prevent disease and ensures good immunity.

A challenge of Rapid and precise diagnosis of an infectious disease is being addressed here by applying most advanced and highly scientific methods. Immune profile of the flock is regularly assessed to determine the disease combatting ability and outbreak prevention by conventional standard HI and advanced tests like ELISA and agglutination methods. Isolation and identification of causative infectious virus by cell culture and egg inoculation and bacteria by culture and advanced rapid and precise methods is primarily done at HDL. For all important poultry pathogens we are equipped to identify and confirm by highly advanced genomic tests like PCR and nucleic acid detection enabling rapid disease confirmation. Histopathological studies are also undertaken for confirmative pathological patterns of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases.

Research in development of inactivated poultry vaccines against emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases is envisioned here from pivotal to highly advanced and Gen-Nxt solutions to ensure the disease prevention with safest and highly potent vaccine for the chicks and bird.

Nutrition R&D

Welcome to the Nutrition R&D Lab, the epicentre of livestock feed research at AZIZ Poultry and Research and Development Centre. Here, every feed pellet undergoes rigorous lab tests, ensuring an unparalleled standard. Our commitment extends from avian to aquatic, reflecting our dedication to combatting adulteration.

We guarantee purity of feed for safe poultry and livestock production.

Quality in Every Pellet

In the initial phase, APRDC's cutting-edge laboratories become the breeding ground Our labs are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to aid selection of appropriate ingredients, assessing nutritional content, and ensuring that the feed meets the highest standards for different stages of poultry growth and other livestock. Quality control measures in the lab are rigorous, emphasizing the commitment to provide nutrition without compromising on feed quality. IB Group's dedication shines through as they steer clear of feed adulteration, prioritizing the health and well-being of livestock.

Real-World Validation

The next pivotal step involves real-world testing through field trials. Designated farm areas become the proving grounds for the feed's performance. By actively monitoring the impact on poultry health, growth, and productivity, we meticulously record every detail. The areas marked on the ground during the field trial meticulously record the feed's influence on bird health, ensuring it aligns perfectly with diverse environmental conditions. This critical phase acts as a final checkpoint before the feed can be launched commercially.

Excellence Accessible to All

After navigating the rigorous lab testing and field trial phases, our feed gets ready for a commercial launch. The commercial launch marks the culmination of efforts, making the high-quality feed accessible to a broader market of poultry and aqua farmers. With the feed getting readily available post commercial launch, farmers can integrate feed into their regular practices thereby fostering the growth and well-being of livestock.

IB’s commitment not only meets the nutritional needs of poultry and other livestock but also upholds the efficiency and productivity standards essential for boosting income of Indian poultry and aqua farmers.

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