Changing the Economic Status of Poultry Farmers With Automation and Support

IB Group believes that automation and technology are the key drivers of the poultry industry in India. With this motto, the company runs “Parivartan”, the flagship socio-economic initiative mainly aimed at assisting the poultry farmers in upgrading their farming infrastructure to modern environmentally controlled houses, equipped with automated technology, by providing 40% subsidy.

  • ~800+


  • ~200%



Entailing a Slew of Benefits to Raise Farmers’ Income

Doubling Farmers’ Income

With the advanced equipments provided under the scheme, the broiler stock density increases due the right temperature along with the nutritious feed. With the increase in the number of healthy birds, income of the farmers also doubles.

Regulated Temperature

The environment controlled houses insulate the birds from fluctuations in temperature that lower the mortality rate.

40% Subsidy

Providing 40% subsidy,IB Group significantly lowers the farmers’ investment in transiting to modern environment controlled houses and availing the automated equipments.

One Step Soultions

Easing Farmers With Right Solutions to their Endemic Problems

Lower Mortality Rate

Due to the regulated temperature in environment controlled houses, the mortality rate of the birds decreases significantly, unlike in the traditional methods, where the mortality rate is high due to temperature fluctuations.

Reduction in Human Error

With automated systems in place, the prospect of human error is significantly reduced due to the critical functions being carried out mechanically.

Increase in Profit Margins

The farmers reap higher profit margins as 25% growing charges are provided by IB Group under the scheme.

EC House Equipment Offered Under

Providing Hi-Tech Automated Systems to Farmers

  • Water Drinking System
  • Centrifugal Opening 50” Box Fan
  • Feeding System
  • Cooling Pads & Side Wall Curtains
  • Diesel Brooder
  • Climate Control System with IB Controller

Water Drinking System

Water Drinking System

High-performance water drinking system equipped with nipple with drip cup, and free of maintenance

Centrifugal Open 50” Box Fan

Centrifugal Open 50” Box Fan

With highly efficient European motor, the fan elicits high air speed, and entails low maintenance.

Feeding System

Feeding System

With field level adjustment system for broiler birds of different ages, the system gives easy feed access to birds without feed dropping in addition to being simple and easy to clean.

Cooling Pads

Cooling Pads

Equipped with Aluminum water tray, the dimension of the cooling pad is 2000*600*150 mm .

Diesel Brooder

Diesel Brooder

Operates with diesel as fuel, the brooder has a heat output of 41280 CAL/HR.

Climate Control System with IB Controller

Climate Control System with IB Controller

Used for regulating temperature and humidity, the equipment also has GPRS Data facility.


Compare Difference in Profit Levels Between Poultry Farming With Open Houses Versus EC Houses

Best Performers In Broiler Integration with 325+ EEF Club 18

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Number Of BirdsPrice Per KGTotal Income
Open House
5000 x 2Kg = 10000
₹ 7.5₹ 75,000.00/-
EC House
8538 x 2Kg = 17076
₹ 8.8₹ 1,50,268.8/-
  • EC house will give you double profit of around Rs 75,269 through increased capacity.
  • The open farm capacity can hold 1 bird in every 1.20 sq. ft. whereas in EC House, it would be 0.65 sq. ft. per bird.
  • Considering 6000 sq.ft. (Shed - 200 ft X 30 ft) area, free space in EC House will be 450 sq.ft.

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